Frozen Chicken Cheese Nuggets (500 gm)

Frozen Chicken Cheese Nuggets (500 gm)

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Made with premium ingredients and no added preservatives,  the Chicken Cheese Nuggets (frozen) sold under the brand name ‘Mogul Kitchen’ and are ready to cook. These bite-sized pieces of chicken and cheese are crispy on the outside but tender  and juicy inside. 

Cooking Instructions: 

- Thaw the contents of the pack 

- Pre-heat oil. Fully immerse and deep fry the chicken cheese nuggets on a medium flame for 5 mins or until they become golden brown.

- Serve with some ketchup or mayonnaise.


Chicken Meat, cheese, bread crumbs, refined wheat flour, corn starch, spices and condiments, garlic, ginger, sugar, stabilizer(E451(i))